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‘Top To Bottom’ have an exclusive star on the turn in this great new gay porno movie. William Seed is turning over and getting his ass ploughed for the first time in his life for real, and this is all caught on camera. And who does William want to break him in, and why? And are you ready to be jealous? If so, then watch as Christian Wilde gently leads William Seed to a brand new and wonderful experience.
william seed

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William Seed has fucked the ass of 21 different men for the best men gay porn website since he first started in February 2015 where he fucked the hairy ass off of Jimmy Fanz. He has come a long way since then, and cum over many men, and now it’s time to be the bottom. William is young and fresh faced, he has such a sweet next door neighbour look about him that your mother would like to see you take him home. He is now versatile with a seven inch cut dick and we are just about to find out how tight his ass really is. He has brown hair, sea blue eyes and is five feet six inches tall.
Christian Wilde is good looking with a great body full of tattoos. He has been in thirty eight hardcore movies with this hot gay sex website so has the experience to take William Seed through his paces. He is versatile with an eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, blue eyes and is six feet three inches tall. Check out his own website here < -

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Before we get to see William Seed and Christian Wilde naked in bed together, William gives an interview explaining why he hasn’t been a bottom before, and why he is doing it now. He is a virgin up there and he explains that he has chosen Christian because he is a gentle man with plenty of experience under his belt. William is feeling nervous and excited all at the same time in his interview.

They are naked on the bed together, William is lying on his back and Christian has one leg over William’s legs and they are kissing. Their hands slip and slide all over the hard bodies and over their small dark nipples. Christian moves over slightly and kisses William’s smooth chest and then goes down lower, kissing every part of his body. William feels on fire as Christian takes his hard dick in his hand and starts to stroke on him the lower he goes. William’s breathing gets deeper and he looks down as Christian takes his cock in his mouth and sucks it up and down.
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They are a hot looking couple as William then bends over and sucks on Christian’s bigger cock. Whilst he is bent over Christian circles his finger around the rim of William’s cock. William looks turned on and Christian puts just the top of his finger into his virgin ass.

William Seed lies on his front with his cock against the mattress and his legs spread. Christian slides his cock up and down between William’s butt cheeks letting him know what’s in store for him. He closes his eyes and feels his asshole spreading open as Christian pierces through his ring piece and deep into his asshole. Electricity racks through his body and Christian starts fucking his sweet tight hole. William loves the feeling of a cock pounding his ass and his cock grinding against the hard mattress below him. William wants to try everything so he gets Christian to lie on his back and as he rides on top of his cock, Christian fucks him back in perfect unison. The camera goes in close and we see William Seed getting his once virgin ass being fucked and drilled hard and fast.

William Seed then gets on his back and feels what it’s like to be fucked in the missionary position. He cries out as thick dollops of his cum spurt out of his throbbing cock and then he feels the hot cum of Christian Wilde’s as its spatters over his ravished body.
At long last William has been fucked, he is happy and so are we after watching his super tight asshole being fucked, and with an amazing close up to as a bonus. What more could you ask for from…

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Close Encounters From Helix Porn

Hung and young twinks Joey Mills and Garrett Graves star in this latest gay offering from the award-winning team at Helix Studio, and its all go right from the beginning. Get those tissues out, because you are sure going to need them.

The Gay Teen Pornstars

Joey Mills from HelixStudio is eighteen years old with a gorgeous fresh young face and puppy dog eyes. He has a slender, smooth body and a perfectly formed fuckable ass. He is five feet nine inches tall with brown hair, blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock. This twink may be young, but he fucks better than some more experienced guys I have seen and loves every minute of it. You can read more about Joey here
Garrett Graves is also from has a smooth firm body that he keeps in shape by working out four times a week. He is nineteen years old with high cheek bones and a twenty-eight-inch waist. Garrett is five feet eight inches tall with blond hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock and a hairless crack.

Joey Mills and Garrett Graves

Joey Mills doesn’t look out of place on a swing as he sits in a play park. He looks sweet and innocent, but he’s trying to hook up with another guy using a hookup app. He quickly gets a reply and looks up when he sees his instant date, Garrett Graves waving back at him from across the street. They don’t waste any time as they go indoors and start making out – they are both hungry for cock.

As they stand grinding their hips into each other and kissing, Garrett is quick to get down and dirty as every movie from the Studios of Helix. He opens up Joey’s pants, and takes a tight hold of the huge bulge in his tight whities and starts sucking his cock through them. They soon get ripped down and tucked under Joey’s big dangling balls as Garrett moves in. Taking a firm hold of Joey’s fat cock, he opens his mouth and deep-throats him straight away. Joey gets Garrett to lick and suck on his balls as he jerks off, then he slaps his heavy bit of twink meat over Garrett’s tongue, and then rams back between those hungry lips.

Garrett then lies back as Joey takes over sucking on his cock and rubbing his sensitive balls. Garrett is quick to moan out with excitement as his cock gets sucked down to the root, and then back up again. After some delicious cock sucking, Joey gets Garrett to turn over onto his hands and knees. He opens up Garrett’s firm white cheeks and spits into that sweet tasting hole before diving in as he probes that ass inside and out. Joey really lubes up Garrett’s ass as he fingers his wet hot right down to his knuckle and gets him ready to be fucked bareback.
Joey Mills, Garrett Graves
As he sits up on the bed, Joey Mills holds up his cock and watches Garrett as he gets on top of him. He feels just how tight Garrett’s smooth helix asshole is as he sits down on it and begins bouncing on those big balls. The camera goes in close, and we get to see every inch going in and out as Garrett Graves rides him like a bucking bronco.

Garrett gets drilled raw, doggy style, and then as he gets on his side, Joey spoons his cock balls deep into that now well-fucked hole and doesn’t stop until Garrett spills his hot cum over his smooth body and pumping fist. Joey pulls his cock out straight after, and his thick creamy cum oozes out over Garrett’s empty balls until every last drop has been released. Garrett moves down, and as he sucks Joey’s cock, he tastes the last of the cum, and his own ass at the same time.

Helix Studios know how to put on a great show, and all their gay teen movies are in full HD and can be downloaded or streamed in various formats. They update on a regular basis, and at the moment, they have 3,365 videos and still counting.…

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